What is an aura?

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, an aura is a distinctive atmosphere surrounding a given source; a luminous radiation; an energy field that is held to emanate from a living being. While that definition gives you some clue that auras have something to do with a light and energy field around a being, it really doesn’t even scratch the surface to explain what it is. The subject is much deeper than what could be summed up in one line in a dictionary, as you will learn by the time you complete this course.


As you go through your day-to-day life you most likely never give thought to how you body breathes, moves, and basically stays alive. Sure, you know that if your heart stops beating then your life force will cease to exist. The heart is fueling the rest of the body with the much-needed blood supply, but what exactly is keeping your heart beating? That life force that keeps your heart beating and your body going is energy. Every living thing, whether plant or animal keeps going because of energy. That energy is found in what is referred to as your subtle body, which is made up of layers of sheathing and surrounding your physical body. It’s in this sheathing area that the aura is found. Every living creature has an energy field, or aura.

For most people, seeing the aura is not something they can easily do without applying themselves. Most people also have to practice viewing them quite a bit before they are able to master the task. With patience and practice most people do end up developing the ability to view them. There are some people that are clairvoyant or psychic that have the ability to outright see the aura, but most people have to work harder at it. They need to study all about auras, understand what they are, where the energy comes from, and how the aura can actually impact your life and how you can impact and change your aura.

Auras have been connected with such things as clairvoyance, which is the ability to obtain information about something through means other than the traditional human senses. The study falls under the classification of parapsychology, which studies psychic abilities and life after death.

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